Epoxy/Urethane Injection

EFF ‘Crack Injection Procedure’ can be utilized to prevent the intrusion of water into a structures foundation, via stress fractures, cold joints or expansion joints, which can become of problem requiring immediate repair. This is an effective method of reducing, controlling, and eliminating leakage by pressure injecting a material into the passageway between the source of fluid and the leakage point.
Materials come in many different forms and various techniques are available to achieve and maintain a 100% seal of repaired areas. Successful long-term water control requires an understanding of the variables affecting the installation and operating conditions.

Grout Materials to Choose from:

  • Urethane
  • Epoxy
  • Microfine Cement

Repair and Replacement of Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are an integral part of concrete structures. They are built into deck systems to control the stresses of volume changes in concrete. Depending on the type of construction (cast-in-place, pre-cast, etc.), joints are installed to isolate ramps, buildings, and large expanses of deck surface. They may also be needed to provide free rotation of deflecting members. Most joints open and close according to daily and seasonal fluctuations in deck surface temperatures.
Joints provide a natural place for water, salts, and debris to collect. They also present a hazard to pedestrians who may trip over them. To prevent these problems, joint seals can be installed. Seals must be designed for the intended movement of the joint, as well as for the prevention of water penetration, wheel action (traffic, equipment), pedestrian safety and access for repair ability.

Coatings and Linings

Applications of coatings and linings can make a structure resistant to chemicals, abrasion, moisture, heat, impact, and freeze-thaw damage. In addition to their preventative qualities, they also serve and aesthetic purpose.
EFF technicians have the experience and technical ability to protect structures based on their given environment and chemical exposure. This experience translates to long-lasting repairs and extending the service life of structure.

Coating and Lining Systems:

  • Waterproofing Systems
  • Epoxy Systems
  • Urethane Systems
  • Fiber Reinforced Systems
  • Anti-Microbial Systems

EFF Installs Coatings and Linings for:

  • Secondary Containment
  • Process Area Floors and Walls
  • Warehouse Floors
  • Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms
  • Kitchens / Cafeterias
  • Refrigerated Areas
  • Pools

Concrete Restoration and Reinforcement Repairs

Concrete repair replaces defective, damaged, or deteriorated concrete; restores structural function; protects the surface or underlying concrete from aggressive environments; and restores any lost performance requirements.
Concrete repair problems are diverse in nature. Each condition requires a clear understanding of what is expected of the repair including appearance, protection needs, and load carrying requirements.
Critical to successful concrete repair is proper surface preparation of the area being repaired. This includes complete removal of concrete around and below the reinforcing steel and preparation of the substrate. Combined, these techniques ensure maximum bond between the new repair material and the existing substrate, resulting in effective, long-lasting repairs.
An effective repair strategy can be determined from a variety of repair materials; each having an installation technique that best suits both the material and the strategy. At Establishing Firm Foundations, we have the expertise to utilize specialized techniques applicable to surface repair performance and material installation.

Waterproofing and Membrane Protection

Waterproofing and protection techniques are used to control deterioration of structures. These techniques alter service or exposure conditions, enhance physical properties, install barriers, alter electro-chemical behavior, or halt water infiltration.
Waterproofing and coating techniques prevent water from entering or exiting a structure through cracks, joints, or failed water-stops, while protection techniques extend the time duration between maintenance cycles.
Choosing appropriate techniques requires an evaluation of factors such as cause/effect relationships, useful life, construction, aesthetics, and cost-benefits. EFF has the experience necessary to perform the best applicable waterproofing and protection techniques based on the particular project and service requirements.

Waterproofing and Protection Systems:

  • Membranes
  • Protective Sealers and Coatings
  • Crack Sealing and Repair
  • Drainage Systems
  • Expansion Joints